Twitter Files Volume 0

2 min readDec 4, 2022

In 2020, as covid went on, bot networks on Twitter promoted disinformation about the disease. I can’t catch it, so I had a lot of time and motivation to follow up on them. One group that stood out, for its size and other reasons, is Guo Wengui’s network of GTV bots. They were the ones using hashtags like #CCPVirus. And the other thing they liked to talk about is Hunter Biden’s wang.

As you can see, they take credit, these are branded advertising bots.

They were making the most amazing photoshops. I’m serious, because they didn’t really have most of the scandal explained to them. They get paid by the post, they don’t care, so they got creative. They had him looking like James Bond, or surrounded by lions in a movie co-starring Steve Bannon. They posted some of these in Bannon’s mentions, and at that time, in fall of 2020, they represented about half of his engagement.

Bannon, until his account got banned, was posting images purported to be Hunter Biden’s emails. But there was something strange about them.

He was always taking photographs of his computer’s monitor, never screenshots. Every time.

So I started asking questions about it in the comments. Day after day, like an asshole. Asking all these other posters, even Guo’s, isn’t it weird how he’s taking these pictures of the screen? I started saying, he’s doing it to hide the metadata. It would prove these are fakes, he can’t afford to show us a screenshot.

His audience started agreeing with me. It does look pretty weird the way he did it, and that’s the type of shit they love to get hung up on. Say the word: “Metadata”. It’s dramatic, you can use that. And it worked on them, well enough that Bannon noticed it.

The worst part is, I was right. So what he did, until he got banned for good, is he started printing the emails out and taking photographs of the paper.

Think about how fried he must have been on that yacht, to come up with that. He knew the audience was buying what I said, but he knew just as well that he couldn’t post a screenshot without giving up the game. The laptop contents he was showing off, and that Elon and them think they have, are not the same ones in possession of the FBI.